Useful covers

Because mozaïk goes farther than home insurance, Foyer offers you a selection of covers that will make your life more pleasant.

Useful covers to be combined for greater comfort.

Electronic items

Home automation, Ultra HD TV, multimedia equipment or your latest robot vacuum, all of these technological equipments are covered in case of fall, breakage or theft.

Portable items

Smartphones, cameras, tablets, consoles and other connected objects are part of our daily lives. With the “Portable items” cover, you are always covered, everywhere.

Natural disasters

Was your neighbourhood hit with a natural disaster and was your house destroyed? mozaïk covers you in case of flood, earthquake or landslide.

Eco energy

Your home is equipped with environmentally-friendly systems, such as a heat pump, solar panels, wind power, etc. All these facilities are insured against accidental damage, theft and also against indirect losses due to loss of productivity.

Theft and vandalism

Have you lost your keys or have you been the victim of a break-in, theft or an act of vandalism?

You are compensated for damage and stolen property, even outside.

Legal cover

Are you in a dispute with your telephone operator or did your neighbour build a wall without authorisation?

Don’t let any dispute complicate your life. The “legal protection” cover assists you in your procedures.

Third-party liability

Have you accidentally broken a friend’s valuable vase or did your child scratch the neighbour’s car?

The third-party liability cover allows you to avoid potentially very high costs. It covers financial damages and bodily injury.

Are you the landlord of a rental property?

To ensure you have adequate protection against the hazards associated with your situation, mozaïk offers you the opportunity to customise your insurance with the right covers for your situation.


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