Essential covers

Because certain things must be insured, Foyer has selected for you the covers that are necessary for your comfort and your security.

The essential covers protect your home and personal belongings

Fire and associated risks

First and foremost, this cover protects your home in case of fire, explosion or any other damage caused by impact of a vehicle or fallen trees or poles, for example.

It also covers damage caused to your electrical appliances such as your refrigerator or television due to lightening or power surges.

Street demonstrations and protests, vandalism and property damage

The policy covers property damage caused by riots, popular movements and acts of terrorism, sabotage, vandalism and malice, including graffiti.

Storms, hail, weight of snow and ice on roofs

In case of storm, hail or damage caused by the weight of snow or ice, this cover protects your house as well as your garden furniture.

Water damage and installation freezing

mozaïk covers you against leaks, ingress of water through the roof, freezing of heating systems, as well as oil leaks.

Broken glass and mirrors

In case of breaks or cracks, mozaïk covers the glass portions of your property and its contents, such as windows, the glass in your furniture or interior and exterior doors, or even your ceramic hob.


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